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Would You Believe That Steven Cheah Has Been Using A 3rd Party Flashlight App His Whole Life?

On today's episode of THE BRACKET we debated what the worst trend was. During the episode, Cheah's laptop shit out and he had to switch to his phone. As part of this process, we had to explain to him what portrait lock is. As part of THAT process, we learned that Cheah had absolutely no idea what the control panel is at all, and had been going into his settings to adjust everything. We ALSO found out that he had no clue iPhones have a built in flashlight app, and had been using a 3rd party flashlight app WITH ADS his whole life! 

We also later found out he has a separate app for emojis, which he enters, watches an ad, finds the emoji he wants, copies it, and then goes to whatever app he wants to paste it in. Just a one of a kind human. 

You can watch the full thing above or listen below.