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The Entire Avalanche Crowd Singing "All The Small Things" In Unison Is Another Completely Unfair Home Ice Advantage For Them


The Avs officially have no more excuses. They already have the thin-air home ice advantage. You ever been to Denver? It's like trying to breathe after running a marathon, except all you did was walk from the plane to the Uber. Preposterous. 

They already have the "we have MacKinnon, Landeskog, and Makar" advantage. 

And now they have the "entire crowd singing Blink-182 in unison, so beautifully it could make a grown man cry" advantage??? Well, that's just god damn unfair. 

I have noticed sing-alongs like this happening more and more across NHL arenas. I first noticed it in New Jersey a few years back, and now it's spreading like wild fire. The trick is the arena DJ has to time it perfectly with the ref. He's got to time it out to the second, and hope for no funny business on the face off. When done to perfection, you get a karaoke session beautiful enough to make Loud Sean enter tornado mode. 

And not for nothing, yes, this should make you feel old. Our generation who grew up on Blink is now the generation going to hockey games, and they are playing our childhood songs for us. The Capital One Arena crowd did a rousing rendition of Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" when I was back not too long ago and while it gave me goosebumps, it also made me feel 110 years old. We're the olds now. Actually now that I think more about it, kinda feels nice. We've made it. Now get off my lawn.