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Kevin Durant Showed Up To A Game In Greece With Fans Going BONKERS, Promptly Gets Booed To The High Heavens

What the fuck did Kevin Durant ever do to Olympiacos fans man? I'm not saying he's not deserving of getting booed but this is vicious. It's also a pretty big group of people I don't want to fuck with. Look at that tweet by Durant. If you are a fanbase with flares inside, used to probably fighting and yelling at people, I'm good. I'll just sit here and take my booing if I have to. 

Also not lost on me how fucking funny it is that he's getting booed at Peace and Friendship Arena. Oh sure, I can guarantee the Greeks are super peaceful there. Nothing weird ever happens in Greek or EuroLeague basketball. 

Just setting the scene there. They go bonkers for basketball. Hard to blame them. They have a bunch of history there, especially with Olympiacos. I do agree with KD though. We should absolutely let NBA fans bring flares to the stadium. Enough with this soft ass stuff. Enough with fans either talking shit and backing away or getting kicked out. Let them have flares and distract players. Let players at least have the threat to go after them. 

Gonna need an Olympiacos fan to speak up here. Let me know why everyone decided to boo Durant.