Kevin Harlan Is A Cold-Blooded, Ruthless Man

Good God Kevin Harlan. The man is arguably the best play by play guy in the world and is cold-blooded. Oh you want me to say Odell won a Super Bowl, Reggie? Fine. Remember how he destroyed his knee in that too you fucking jackass? You happy now Reggie? That's at least how I assume Kevin talks because Reggie is the worst. I like to think that Kevin Harlan just flat out hates Reggie Miller like me. Naturally people are upset at Harlan, but he doesn't give a damn about anything. He's just calling it as it is. 

Speaking of Odell. People are naturally freaking out that he's leaving with his girlfriend and another woman. I know it's shocking that a famous, rich athlete has a smoke around him, but shout out Lauren Wood.

But you see it wasn't just Odell that Harlan was ruthless about. You think he gives a flying fuck about Wu Tang? 

The man is a pro. He might not know the subject matter but he's going to deliver the shit out of that read. He'll sell you on the Wu Tang Clan even if he doesn't fuck with them. Then he'll get right back to delivering lines like this:

Dude has a voice that can only be made for sports announcing. You can't have that voice and be an accountant or in sales. Nope. You're Kevin Harlan, you call games. So what if people get pissed at you for talking about Odell blowing a knee out? Man is ruthless.