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Watching Chris Paul Spend The Entire 4th Quarter Cooking Luka And Embarrassing The Mavs Was So Goddamn Awesome

Let me be clear, this isn't an anti-Luka blog. This is an I fucking love watching Chris Paul play basketball blog. This is what happened last night. Close game heading into the 4th and then Chris Paul decided enough was enough and completely torched Luka. It wasn't anything crazy too. The Suns just set a simple high screen to get Luka switched on Chris Paul and then Chris Paul smiled and easily scored on Luka. Rinse, repeat. 

It's so beautiful to watch. Why? Outside of being a Chris Paul fan and backer, remember the talk we had about him? Everyone and I mean basically everyone wrote him off as he was being sent to Phoenix. He was somewhat injury prone, stuck with a horrible contract, an aging point guard and didn't look right. We were all so, so stupid. All he's done since getting to Phoenix is turn them into the best team in the NBA. 

Everything about his offensive game is so damn smooth. He's not some crazy athlete. Sure, he was always quick and everything like that. But he never blew you away. He was just smart and good. Pretty decent combo. We should have always known that Paul's game would be made to last as long as his body held up. His body is holding up and that's why he's out here dominating fourth quarters against one of the best players in the game. Sure, Luka sucks defensively but Paul is still out here cooking him. 

This was basically me watching him last night: 

And this is basically Luka reading everything about him getting cooked: 

This Suns team is still set up perfectly man. The fact they have the two stars in the backcourt, an elite defender in Mikal Bridges who can also score, Crowder knows his role and the perfect 5 in today's world in Ayton. Legit not sure if I've enjoyed watching a team just play basketball more.