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"He's Six Fucking Seven!" - Aaron Boone Lost His Goddamn Mind On Umpire Marty Foster For Not Knowing How To Call Balls and Strikes

"Piece of shit fucking call! He's 6 fucking 7" 

When Aaron Boone decides to lose it, he fucking blows a gasket and a half. If I had to rank managers capable of having a great explosion on an umpire Boone would sit firmly in the top five. With that new pace maker fully kicking now he's not gonna take any further bullshit regarding Aaron Judge's strike zone. 11 game win streak or 11 game losing streak that man has had enough of umpires fucking his star player. 

Marty Foster capped off a banner day for umps across the league by not having a damn clue how to call 99's at bats all game long. Honestly the pitch he came out for wasn't THAT bad, but the outburst had more to do with the total damage of this man's impact on the whole game. Multiple times in Wednesday's game Judge got absolutely fucking hosed on calls. 


I really don't understand why a pitcher wouldn't throw every ball at his shins to be honest. There's a greater than 50/50 shot you get the call. No one will benefit more from a robot strike zone than Judge. 

The winning streak may be over, but I love to see Boone that fired up in early May. Two of three in Toronto and a great start to the season. Onwards.

P.S. Aaron Hicks is hellbent on never coming through in the clutch and I don't appreciate it at all