The Orioles Having A Home Run Chain Is The Best Thing The Franchise Has Ever Done

If you're going to be bad you might as well have fun, so that is exactly what the Orioles are doing. Maybe its a year or 2 late, but they're on the home run chain trend. Who cares they only have 13 bombs on the season, they may not be coming in bunches but they're going to celebrate like they are. And lets be real, it's a fire chain, I need one for myself to wear around the house. You have to find a way to keep it fresh and fun with a young clubhouse and this is the way to do it. A big ole chain with your logo hanging on it, what's better than that? 

It's a quality piece of bling, orange links too, it's a true beaut. It doesn't spin like the Padres one did, but it gets the message across. You hit a tater, you wear the bling. It's as simple as that. They're far from the first team to do this but I think we can all agree they have the best looking chain out of all the teams. Just wait until Adley Rutschman comes up and hits his first bomb and throws the chain on, I can't wait for that. Bringing the chain to the dugout is one of the best decisions this organization has ever made. I'll say this, a chain like this is better than shoving each other into a shopping cart after every bomb. Give me this over that any day. If it gets the young team hype and into the game, sign me up for it. I'll be wearing it on Light Street during the parade in a few seasons.