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MAYHEM: Real Madrid Scores Twice In The 90th Minute To Rip Manchester City's Soul Out And Move On To The Champions League Final

Absolute mayhem, but can we really be surprised? This is what Madrid keeps doing this Champions League. Remember, the only reason they are playing in the semifinals was because of this ridiculous play:

And now we have Rodrygo again helping save Real Madrid. Shit, more than that. He scores twice in the 90th minute (one in stoppage time, still 90th minute etc) to force extra time. What happens in extra time? Oh that guy Karim Benzema buries a PK: 

Unreal. Both matches were unreal in this semifinals. Man City should have been up way more but kept letting Real Madrid answer in the first leg. No joke Man City should have had a solid 3 goal lead coming into this match. Instead they were only up 1 and this is what happens. 


Decent Champions League run for Benzema by the way: 

Truly hate seeing it happen to Man City. Now uh if Madrid wants to pull a rabbit out of their ass one more time against Liverpool that would be greatly appreciated.