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Patrick Beverley May Be Watching The Playoffs From His Couch But That Won't Stop Him From Talking Shit

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.


I know Pat Bev will be dragged by some for this move, but I love it. As I just blogged, I'm all for NBA players talking all the shit they want as long as they back it up on the court. Seeing as how the Wolves got bounced in the first round after some brutal collapses, unfortunately, Pat Bev can't back this up on the floor. At the same time, he's not lying. In my opinion, he's allowed to talk shit about the Warriors inability to guard Ja because Beverley himself was pretty damn good at it. In their 6 game series, here was his matchup production against Ja:

39/101 from the floor (38/18%)

In those 6 games, Ja never had more than 32 points, and in 3 of the 6, he was held to under 20 points. Given what we're currently watching him do against the Warriors (40.5/8.5/9.0 on 46/39%), I think it's safe to say that Pat Bev & Co did one hell of a job at limiting his production. Ultimately it didn't matter because they couldn't hold on to 20 point leads, but when has something like that ever prevented Pat Bev from talking shit?

It's very on brand for Pat Bev to make it known that while he may be on his couch, he shutdown Morant. While everyone is giving nothing but love to Morant and calling him the next face of the league, Pat Bev would like you to remember who had him in jail. I'm not someone who wants to drag him for this, but rather I am appreciative of his confidence and willingness to tell everyone who will listen how awesome he is. I find it very entertaining. Beverley is a guy that will 100% run his mouth and talk shit, but you cannot argue that he doesn't then go out and back it up. It's the same shit as Draymond or basically any Grizzlie. These dudes talk and aren't shy about it and then go out and immediately show you why they are talking shit. I'm not sure why anyone would be against that. 

Logic says maybe be humble, lay low this offseason and be ready to back up your very surprising team success next year. Then you remember who we're talking about here and I feel pretty confident this is not the last we'll be hearing from Pat Bev before the playoffs are over.