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Happy May The 4th To All Star Wars Fans That Accept The Darth Jar Jar Theory As Stone Cold Fact

The actor that played Jar Jar discussing the theory:

Darth Jar Jar talk begins around 5 minute mark

Full blown Reddit thread about Darth Jar Jar 

Despite being a big Star Wars fan, I've never been a big May The 4th guy because it seemed nerdy for even Star Wars standards when it started and now just feels like another way for Disney to shove Star Wars merch down our throats. But once the bossman tweeted this out at an hour I didn't know he had been awake for since he became rich, I knew I had to throw something up on the site.

So I am reposting this long standing Darth Jar Jar theory that blew my mind when I learned about it 5 years ago for anybody that has never heard of it because it's not as much a theory as fact that smooth brained people refuse to acknowledge. I know this sounds like a QAnon theory from a galaxy far, far away. But it's actually crazy just how much better a Jar Jar Sith reveal would make the entire storyline of the first two episodes instead of Jar Jar simply being a wacky if not super annoying sidekick in Phantom Menace and Count Dooku being the most worthless villain in movie history outside of this meme.

Again, I don't think a Darth Jar Jar reveal technically would've made Phantom Menace better. But it sure as shit could've made Attack of the Clones better since literally anything, including the Death Star blowing up Earth back in 2002 before it was released, would've made Attack of the Clones better. 

So drop down that crazy but not THAT crazy when you think about it wormhole with me like Han Solo dropped the Falcon down that asteroid worm's hole then finish off your work day with a throwback to when Bob Fox and I went to Star Wars Celebration when The Last Jedi's trailer was revealed, which none of us realized would start a Star Wars fan civil war that wouldn't end until sweet Baby Yo came into our lives in The Mandalorian.