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Guillermo Heredia Just Made the Catch of the Season on May 4

Giphy Images.


Guillermo Heredia wasn't even originally in the Braves' starting lineup Wednesday until Travis Demeritte was scratched just before the game, and lo and behold Heredia goes out there and makes the catch of the year.

He almost mistimed it by a split-second, but was able to hang on the wall with one hand just long enough to pluck the ball out of the air. What a play.

The unfortunate part is that this is probably the most noteworthy thing the Braves have done in the 2022 season and we're nearly 30 games in now. At the time of publication, Atlanta is being no-hit in this same game through four innings. I'd appreciate if everyone else could take a page out of Guillermo's book and start making some plays.