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The Umpire Who Ejected Madison Bumgarner Today Should Be Suspended

This is not a re-blog, but more a counter to Chris Castles' blog earlier about Bumgarner's ejection. Yes he's an old school hot-head (Bumgarner, not Chris), but the blame of this situation falls squarely on the shoulders of 1st base umpire Dan Bellino. We've got ourselves a goddamn ump show folks. If I didn't know any better I'd think this was the WWE or something. 

Let's set the scene if you haven't seen this yet. Bum came off the mound hot after a few calls that didn't go his way in just completed half inning. Bellino proceeded to bait the fuck out of the Snakes pitcher into that ejection no question in my mind. Not only did that hand check go way longer than any I've seen this year, but he was staring at Bumgarner's face the entire time. I thought blue was about to drop to one knee and pull a ring out. I mean this is ridiculous.

Let's also take a second to see how long it took the ump to scan the Marlins' pitcher as he came off the mound.

The protocol all year has pretty much been a simple hand shake or peek as the pitcher is walking to the dugout. No way has come close to what happened with Bumgarner. 

It's absolutely terrible the amount of power umpires think they should display on a daily basis. They think all the fans are there to see him. I know their union is incredibly strong, but shit like this has to be put to an end. Manfred should be able to suspend this guy, but instead he'll turn a blind eye and fine Bumgarner I'm sure. Honestly props to the old southpaw for not punching that dude square in the face. What a fucking prick to pull that move. Fuck Dan Bellino.