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Archie Miller FINALLY Talks About What Went Wrong Coaching Indiana

Former Indiana basketball head coach Archie Miller (2017-2021) FINALLY spoke about what went wrong at IU. During the podcast Field of 68, Archie only speaks about the on the court issues, but this is more than he's said in the past. This year on a Rinky-dink March Madness Selection show, Archie Miller ducked speaking about Indiana and claimed a year after it was over he STILL hadn't thought about his time at Indiana, suuuuure. Then Archie's cheating brother stands up for him with a completely unnecessary shot by saying Indiana fans stink. (nothing wrong with avoiding the question, just fuck Sean Miller who will soon steal IU recruits at Xavier with bags of cash.) 

Sean Miller - SCUMBAG. Archie was not my first pick for the Indiana head coaching job in 2017, but I loved a defensive minded, small school coach stepping in to prove himself and take Indiana back to the tourney. It didn't work out. This is some of what Archie had to say ... 

We needed to shoot the ball better in my time at Indiana and have more shooting around some of the great post players that we had in my time. We had Juwan Morgan for two years who is with the (Boston) Celtics. We recruited Trayce and Trayce has been an All-American since he’s been there.

“But we needed a little bit more firepower and spacing around those guys and we just didn’t do a good enough job, in my opinion, of either recruiting them or developing them or putting them in a situation where they had better shots… whatever it may have been. One thing I wish, as look back on, we had paid maybe more careful attention to the shooting early on in our recruiting rather than just the talent. Sometimes you need bodies. And sometimes you need to get bigger. When you take over a job, you have to have massive turnover in your first two years so you know you’re going to have to recruit a lot of guys. And rather than just take good players and have a plan to develop guys while they get there, maybe more selection early on in terms of identifying shooting would have helped our cause a little bit more.

100% agree. Archie teams played defense, but the offense could go cold and the team NEVER hit free throws (they still don't.) Seems like a simple explanation any fan could agree with, but I'd be interested if Archie would have ran the locker room different, or changed something other than recruiting/x's and o's.  Archie's Indiana teams seem to be lacking a heart and soul. I don't think that was Miller's fault? Miller at least showed some real emotions on the sidelines and laid into players when they were playing like a dickhead. 

Tom Crean only clapped and smirked from the sidelines like an asshole, hoping the roster's talent could take them deep into March. Whatever the case, The Miller era simply didn't work in Bloomington, but that's old news. This is now the Mike Woodson era, and so far Woodson is recruiting 5-stars who can shoot, and then some.