Golf Is The Most Frustrating Sport In The World: Guy Reportedly Withdraws From A PGA Monday Qualifier After 3 Straight Lip Out Putts

[Yahoo] - PGA Tour posted a video of Ryan McCormick lipping out three straight putts, including a 2-footer and a raked-back tap-in. He then tried to scoop the ball up in disgust, only for his ball to roll into his playing competitor, who then tossed McCormick the ball, which McCormick then underhand tossed off screen.

His day was done.

It's unclear what score McCormick would’ve made on the hole had he gathered himself and sank his next putt, but the 30-year-old St. Johns product was officially listed as a withdrawal after 14 holes of even-par golf.

I love golf. I play multiple times a week, enjoy whenever I get the text about going to sneak in 9 or 18. I even look forward to my Thursday night league. By hole 4 I question why the hell I ever play this sport that I've played for a couple decades now. That doesn't even include shit like this because anything inside the leather is good. Not during a PGA qualifier though. You gotta make that shit and this is what happens in the heat of the moment. I don't blame Ryan McCormick here. It wasn't his day. He didn't have the option to not care and start drinking more. Nope, he just had to chuck that ball and pick it up for the day. 

The worst part was not being able to successfully pick up the ball honesty. That's the real dagger. Everyone misses putts. Who could forget this from a legend of the game? 


That's what we like to call the yips. Typically reserved for us average weekend golfers with our driver or blading chips. You know what I'm talking about. Feel like you make good contact, don't get around on it and it bleeds right directly into the woods. The sound of the ball rattling around the trees is one of the most heartbreaking sounds in the game. It's right up there when you think you make good contact only for it to hit the cart path and shoot DIRECTLY into the woods. We never get the break we deserve. 

So no I'm not here to make fun of Ryan McCormick here. It's golf baby. He's due for a 20-footer to toilet bowl around and fall in. He's due for a kick forward and not to the side. He's not an average weekend golfer so he'll get those breaks one day. Now if you don't mind me I'm going to the range. I'll be aiming left.