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The Cowboys Draft Board Was Deciphered By Twitter Detectives That Figured Out The Top 2 Players On Their Board Were Kayvon Thibodeaux And Evan Neal, Who Are Both Now New York Football Giants

So Reags blogged this the other day and we all got a chuckle out of it since Crazy Grandpa Jerruh was being Crazy Grandpa Jerruh to the point his own son flat out told him not to show their draft board to the media like he took his dentures out during Thanksgiving dinner.

However since it was clear that it may have been the actual Cowboys board that Jerry was showing off to , the internet did what the internet does, which is turn into sleuths trying to crack the code about which players the Cowboys had atop their board.

Giphy Images.

I know this will probably lead to Steven Cheah never talking to me again because I broke some sacred code, but I am changing my draft grade for the Giants. I had it as an A because they got a freak of nature pass rusher who comes off the edge so fast you think he's offsides on every play and a man mountain right tackle that spent the last three years stonewalling the best pass rushers the SEC had to offer at a little school called Alabama. The only reason I didn't give them an A+ was because they didn't draft the Punt God (even though I still launched merch for him because that nickname is too beautiful not to be put on a Barstool shirt).

However, I am officially bumping up my Giants grade from an A to an A++++ because the only thing better than drafting two studs is grabbing two studs that your rival had as numbers 1 and 2 on their draft board. That is true whether it's in the NFL, fantasy football, or a Dog Walk snake draft. In fact, I choose to believe this is how Jerry reacted after pick 5, pick 7, and how he will react every time Kayvon roughs up Dak worse than a spring breaker or Evan Neal stonewalls all the future Cowboys pass rushers coming in fresh to the Giants game because they just served a suspension, likely for an issue that caused them to land in Dallas in the first place.

For all the shit the Cowboys get for being in football purgatory where they are never bad enough to do a full rebuild but never good enough to make a Super Bowl or even an NFC Championship Game, you gotta admit that their first round picks havne't been too shabby considering they drafted Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb, Leighton Vander Esch, Ezekiel Elliott, Byron Jones, Zack Martin, and Travis Frederick in round 1 over the last decade. I'm not sure why a team that has done well in the drafts hasn't been able to do as well on the field.

Oh yeah, that's why! Anywayyyyyy, God damn does it feels good to have a GM that actually knows what he's doing again. Can't wait to watch these two give Dem Cowboys fits for a long, long time.