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Add "Random Sidewalk Explosions" To The List Of Tens Of Thousands Of Reasons I Never Want To Live In New York City

First off, I know what you're thinking. "How the fuck did that gentleman walk away from that fireball unscathed?"

My guess, from past experience, is the power of Mad Dog 2020.

I feel like every day living in NYC is like living a real life version of “Final Destination”.

Just waking up in the morning and walking out your front door the deck is stacked against you surviving.

You pay out the ass to live in a shoe box. You can’t drive anywhere so you have to take an underground sewer tube filled with street creatures to get where you want to go. And not to mention chances you die by getting pushed in front of one while just waiting, minding your own business are way higher than they should be.

There’s construction everywhere. Scaffolding everywhere you walk where bricks and shit can just fall out of the sky at a moments notice and kill you instantly.

You can get hit by busses speeding by on every avenue. 

Shit, you can get decapitated while just riding on a bus!

It’s seriously like “Final Destination” there.

Nobody gives a flying fuck about anybody else but themself.

And the place stinks like shit.

And now, when you’re navigating your way between street meat vendors and piles and piles of garbage piled up on the sidewalks, you also have to be concerned about faulty wiring just randomly exploding- engulfing you in flames.