Hank Had One Of The Funniest Answers We've Ever Heard On "The Dozen" Last Night

Had another barn burner on our hands last night in game 1 of The Dozen doubleheader. I filled in for Dante again on about 30 minute notice, but like I said with the Booze Ponies, tell me where and when and I'm there. I love playing with Hank and Keegs, they're awesome. Decent chemistry with them too I feel like, so when Hank asked if I could play I said "absolutely". Hopped into the match and we were off. It was tight the whole way, back and forth with us missing some ones we should have, they got some they shouldn't have (Jason Campbell), but it was close going into the later rounds. Chain restaurants was the category and I visibly saw Large perk up and sit more upright in his chair, he wanted this round bad. 

"This chain opened it's first store in 1962 (OH) and is known for country-living theme, and sells side dishes in grocery stores?"


Immediately my mind jumped to Bob Evans. I've bought those Bob Evans mashed potatoes sides a billion times. Knew it had to be them. Jeff threw in "country-living" to try and get you to say Cracker Barrel, but that wasn't working here. Not with the Misfits. Hank and I did the thing all Dozen teammates do. "I don't want to give it away, but I want to say it to see if we're on the same page." We danced around it for a while and then when Jeff started the countdown we decided to let the answer fly.


"WHOA, NO!" 

Keegs started protesting, I threw in Bob Evans in the nick of time and we got the answer right. Jeff's reaction to "Skyline" was amazing, Large was cracking up, Jake was losing it and Vibbs chimed in with "SKYLINE HANK!?!?!", I was just counting my lucky stars that I didn't sit on Bob Evans. Skyline is a fine answer, obviously when (OH) is thrown in there your mind goes to Skyline, but I've never seen Skyline sides in any grocery store around me. Maybe a "chili" but it's not chili, and it's definitely not a side. I loved where Hank's head was at, and his gut saying to go with my "Bob Evans" over his "Skyline" showed why he is a championship caliber coach. He has the pedigree, he knows how to get it done, I'm just happy I was there to steer him in the right direction. Quite a funny exchange and answer there for The Misfits. 

I won't spoil how the rest of the match ends, you can watch this super fun match below. Playoffs start soon, and then the next season. Hopefully your boy has proved that he is worthy of a spot on a team. Cross my fingers, and I'll be eating Bob Evans sides to celebrate watching the championship. Skyline, not today baby.