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Toughest Dude In The World - This Ref Who Barely Flinched After An Ecuador Soccer Player Kicked Him Right In The Nuts To Argue A Red Card

[Source] - WOMEN'S football star Shirley Caicedo has been sent off... for kicking a referee in the NUTS. The midfielder plays for Leonas del Norte in Ecuador's Women's Super League.

Caicedo, 19, helped her side take the lead in a recent home clash with Club Nanas.

But tempers flared as the visitors went 2-1 in front in added time.

Do refs wear cups? That's the only explanation here. This man does not nearly flinch or freak out enough for getting a swift kick to the dick from a pro soccer player. Now, sure, I get the joke that NBA culture is bleeding over to Ecuador female soccer, but this is different. This is after a red card. After Shirley Caicedo attempted to punt that ball directly at the ref's dome only to miss poorly. Probably why they lost 2-1. 

This just isn't a normal reaction. I'm not talking about from the player. We see overreactions and attacks all the time - especially in South American soccer. I'm talking about the ref just bent over for a half second. Does he work on a 10-second delay or something? Because getting kicked in the nuts is the worst. There's no way she missed too. You can clearly see the boot go up in the right spot. 

Either he's the toughest human in the world or is numb in the nuts. Not sure which one yet. But he'll think twice about giving a red card again. This one is gonna linger a little bit.