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Raiders Keep Dominating Offseason Headlines: Model Josephine Skriver Gets Married At The 50-Yard Line With Charles Woodson As The Officiant

Based on her Instagram, this is their second wedding. As someone who went through 1 wedding, I can tell you that 2 isn't needed. It's too much of a hassle. However, when you're a diehard Raiders fan like Josephine Skriver is, this how you do a wedding. I guess I could be convinced by a Victoria's Secret model to get married by Charles Woodson at the 50-yard line. Sue me for being a pushover. Happy wife, happy life. 

This is truly the difference between the Las Vegas Raiders and Oakland Raiders though. The Oakland Raiders? No chance this happens. Someone may have gotten married in the Black Hole, but they are dressed like this

Robert B. Stanton. Getty Images.

The Las Vegas Raiders on the other hand draw a supermodel to the 50-yard line. Slight difference. I'll always respect the Black Hole. It takes a special sort of fan to be a grown ass adult wearing things like this to a game. Do you know how long it takes you to get ready? Not for me. Just slap on a team shirt, a pair of jeans and get me to my seat after tailgaiting.

Decent offseason for the Raiders though. They lock up their guy in Derek Carr at quarterback but more importantly get Davante Adams. He's a pretty good player! Pretty sure it helps that Carr and Adams were college teammates too and good friends. Always good to have that with your QB and WR1. I'd like to have Adams on my team, but that's just me. Also went out and got Chandler Jones to help solidify the defense. 

And now Josephine Skriver did a wedding correct. Congrats to her. Gotta think it's tough to beat Charles Woodson as your officiant too, especially if you're a Raiders fan. Guy is as cool as cool gets.