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“Meatball” Molly McCann Tells The Amazing Story About Starting Her MMA Career While She Was Wasted At A Night Club

What an insane story. Was hammered at a night club, saw Ronda Rousey and said ”I wanna be her” and within five years she had been signed by the UFC. Molly is an absolute gem. Sat down with us for 35-40 minutes like she was just one of our pals. Absolutely hilarious and had stories for days. The full version of the drunken story of starting her MMA career is worth the watch, plus we have the woman‘s Bantamweight Champion Julianna Pena on the show! Maybe our best all around show so far. Molly and Julianna were great guests and great interviews and just happen to be two of the best female fighters in the world. Had a great time chopping it up with both of them!

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