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The Emoni Bates Saga Keeps Getting Weirder - Was Allegedly Told By Memphis To 'Pack His Stuff And Go'

I can't stress how weird this entire Emoni Bates saga has been. The guy was once viewed as a can't miss prospect, one of the best recruits we've seen, etc. He set history while in high school: 

He was supposed to stay home and go to Michigan State before decommittng, reclassifying and going to Memphis. Okay, not the *weirdest* move here. We see people reclassify all the time. Hell, even going to Memphis made a bit of sense since he could pair up with Jalen Duren, play for Penny a guy he always liked and of course get some decent NIL money. 

But then he was a mess at Memphis. He wasn't playing well, he stepped away from the team with a back injury where everyone speculated that he was leaving the team for good. He came back for the NCAA Tournament to play limited minutes and then decided to announce a transfer. 

And now we have this report. That he was basically pushed out the door by Memphis. Hell it's even more than that, the report reads like he was talking shit about Penny to incoming recruits. Likely 'warning' them of whatever he went through as a top recruit. 

Again, hearing reports of guys being pushed out isn't new. That's been going on for years. But again this is Emoni Bates. This is a guy that was supposed to be a star from day 1 and can't miss. Now he's releasing his top-6 and we're waiting to see where he goes next: 

It's worth noting he doesn't have the G League in there, which a lot of people thought he may go play in since he's not eligible for the NBA Draft this year. But uh EMU? Yeah I kind of want that to happen. Just have him go dominate the MAC and see what happens with him truly back home and playing for EMU. Arkansas, because Arkansas is listed in every transfer list. Michigan makes sense too in order to take a shot on a kid like Bates and then there's Kenny Payne at Louisville and DePaul. I'm real curious to see where he goes because there's no doubt he has talent, it's just a matter of putting it all together. 

We'll see if he's able to, but either way the Emoni Bates saga is one of the weirder ones for a big name that I can remember in quite some time.