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Texas WR Xavier Worthy Reportedly Received a 'Significant Six-Figure' NIL Offer to Transfer to Another Power Five School

Just a few days after the Jordan Addison saga — which is still yet to be resolved — we have another star receiver in college football who has reportedly received a lucrative offer to transfer elsewhere.

247Sports — While that battle on the transfer recruiting trail was ongoing, the Longhorns were battling to keep their roster intact — outside of the expected roster purge that did occur. 

Among the players targeted by others schools was True Freshman All-American wide receiver Xavier Worthy, who a source said had a significant six-figure offer from at least one Power Five school to enter the portal and attend their program. 

That’s something the Longhorns managed to fend off, according to Horns247 senior writer Jeff Howe.

“He’s not leaving,” a source told Howe. “You can take that to the bank.”

Texas receiver Xavier Worthy apparently turned down quite a check from a suitor to enter the transfer portal and opted to remain a Longhorn. I guess most college football purists will be pleased that Worthy stayed at his original school, but it's safe to say your dad's college football is no more. There are no rules.

It seems like straight-up offering a player several hundred thousand dollars to leave the school at which he's enrolled and come to yours would be against some sort of NCAA bylaw, but nobody seems to know if those even exist anymore. Everybody is just doing whatever they want until somebody stops it.

I'm staunchly in favor of players making as much money as they possibly can. It's not their fault the NCAA completely mishandled the launch of NIL and that it's now the wild west. Until somebody steps in and makes whatever changes will eventually be necessary, go get the biggest bag someone is willing to give you.

I'm sure Worthy didn't stay at Texas for free, either. The rising sophomore caught 62 passes for 1981 yards and 12 touchdowns as a freshman and looks like a potential first round pick in a couple years. It certainly cost the longhorns to keep him in Austin.

It feels like these stories are going to become increasingly commonplace as long as nobody knows what the rules are — or if there are any at all.