It's A Crime We Don't Have A Song Of The Summer Candidate Yet

I know Memorial Day Weekend is the official kick off to summer, however it always felt like the first weekend in May is when "the summer is calling" as Aquagen once sang, or it's "right around the corner" as they say. 

1st real true warm weekends of the year are upon us, The NBA playoffs, The NHL Playoffs, MLB in full swing. Memorial Day Weekend or MDW is right around the corner. 

You would think that at around this time, some "song of the summer" candidates start popping up. Now I will admit, I'm not as in tune to music as I was in my early to mid twenties. I used to have a few websites I would scroll through listening to new songs,  I had Sirius XM radio, I was in clubs and bars more. Now I don't have satellite radio, I'm never out in the clubs, and those websites are long gone. There is always that guy who "finds" or "discovers" a song and brings it to your friend group etc. I am far from that guy in my older years. 

What I do have is a roladex of friends who work the turntables. Disc jockeys or DJ's. I figured who better than them to help me find the "song of the summer" ? 

Now... I fully understand that none of these songs may end up being "the song" this summer , and these songs may not be up your alley. My goal is to give the candidates that I have obtained , as well as hoping someone replies in the comments or the tweets with a banger that will be "the song of the summer" . 

Without further ado ... here's the candidates and the sources they came from : 

Charlie Cavallo ... the MC of Djais

Candidate : Fisher- Palm Beach Banga  

DJ Hova 

Candidate : John Summit- La Danza

DJ Chris Campaniolo 

Candidate #1 - James Hype : Say Yeah 

Candidate #2 - Eenie Weenie- Gordo 

Candidate #3 - What I Need - Joel Corry 

Candidate #4 - Where Did You Go- Jax Jones 

DJ Pierson 

Candidate #1: Feels Just Tight- Fischer

Candidate #2: Do It Do It - Acraze

Here's my own submission. It's been out for a little while but I truly believe it has staying power. It's a mashup which i will always love and think got a raw deal in the history of music. More people should appreciate mashups. 

Rico's Candidate: Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) - Elton John & Dua Lipa  

Weigh in , tweet at me @Return_of_RB  , reply in the comments on what will be the Song Of The Summer. I look forward to finding one. Enjoy your listening.