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A True Sign Of The New Era In College Sports: Creighton Is Now Going To Be A Top-5 Team In College Hoops Thanks To NIL


Assuming Baylor Scheierman returns to college and ends up at Creighton, they are going to be a top-5 team, maybe even higher, going into next season. Now it's not exactly a secret they benefitted massively from 1) NIL and 2) Scheierman growing up not far from Omaha. Remember how everyone screams about NIL only helping the top tier programs and the biggest names? 

Everyone knows Creighton is the face of college basketball. Can't even come close to naming a bigger and more successful program in their own conference let alone the country. Truth is this is where people who scream about NIL and the transfer portal are stuck in a tough spot. A decent but not unbelievably successful program landing a transfer and no one is freaking out. Weird. 

Now that said, Creighton is fucking loaded. This is the sort of team that I end up liking more heading into the season than a UCLA/UNC from the last two years. I like the younger team that had a little success, replace one person with a better player and had a little bit of success. The average regular season to a late March run always has a little bit of an asterisk for me. Creighton has a damn near perfect roster with Scheierman there too. You have the reigning DPOY in the Big East. You have a true star coming back from injury in Ryan Nembhard. Scheierman is one of the best offensive players in the country, let alone the Big East. Then they have the perfect cast of help around them. 

They are currently 35/1 on the Barstool Sportsbook. Jump on that because that price is going to go down fast.