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Flawless Argument: JaVale McGee Thinks The Suns Will Win The Title This Year Because .... They Signed JaVale McGee

It's tough to argue this here. Shit, look what he's doing out here to Luka in Game 1 last night: 

It really sums up the craziness of the whole JaVale McGee career. Remember the dude on the old Wizards team? Yeah we're a LONG way from there. He's won with the Warriors, he helped turn his game around, won a gold medal and now he's a pivotal piece for the Suns. Last year the Suns lost in some part due to injury but also because the Suns had no other bigs with Dario Saric hurt. It was Ayton and then small ball. 

Enter JaVale McGee. 

Now if we really want to break down the Suns, fine. I love everything about this team. They have the perfect 2022 lineup with Ayton as the 5 and surrounding him with 4 shooters. They have versatile wings with Bridges and Crowder. Then they have the two stars in the backcourt with Paul and Book. I even like that Book is starting to get a little Chris Paul fuck you attitude in him too. 

What a soft ass technical

But now they can let Ayton rest for a few extra minutes if needed without losing that 4-out, 1-in offense. McGee knows his role is to defend and finish at the rim. You can make a career out of that. That's where he's so important. No more having to be forced to play a lineup of Crowder, Cam Johnson, Bridges, Book and Paul. You can still do that to mix it up but the rotations are there and that matters. 

Shout out JaVale man. Long way from here.