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The Phoenix Suns Will Not Stop Kicking People Directly In The Dick

OK, what is going on with the Phoenix Suns and kicking people in the dick. Stop doing that. A real asshole thing to do in any situation in life. Nobody likes getting kicked in the dick, I don't care what you're doing. I feel like there's been a lot of dick kicking so far this postseason and these Suns are repeat offenders. How could we forget that just last series Chris Paul had his own dick kicking issues

Now I will say, I've watched a lot of Jae Crowder threes in my day. The guy loves to extend his legs out on threes more than you love anything in your life. Sometimes, a dick and balls are going to get in the way apparently. This one feels more like Jae tried to bait his way into a foul only things went terribly wrong and he ended up kicking some penis. Shit happens when you're in the middle of a playoff battle. Whatever it takes to get the job done is how you get yourself onto the next round.

The best part about this play was the fact that Crowder didn't get ejected. When that happened I knew right where to go

You KNEW there was no way Draymond was going to bite his tongue in a situation like this. Not with his past dick kicking experience and what happened next. Then you add in his flagrant 2 from the other night and I expect we're going to hear much more about this from Draymond in the near future. Adam Silver has a migraine already having to deal with this bullshit. Draymond's obviously not happy about what happened with him the other night, and this is only going to add fuel to his fire. I cannot wait.