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The NFL's Investigation Into The Browns Tanking Has Concluded That Hue Jackson Is Just A Terrible Football Coach

In other words, the call on the field stands: Hue Jackson is a terrible football coach. 

I can't believe it took someone 60 days to conclude this though. Watch one Browns game and you'll see the dude was clueless. But, I guess you can officially add another Loss to his resume. Does that now make him 3-37-1 in Cleveland? And does he get 100K for this loss as well? What a joke. I mean, for someone who is perhaps the biggest embarrassment in professional football history, this investigation may top everything else he's done and take the cake. The man went winless for 635 straight days, piggybacked his way onto the Flores allegations for relevancy, accused the team of tanking and paying him for losses, and the independent investigator took 60 days to conclude that nah, you're just a trash coach.

This has to be quite the gut punch for the Coach. It was highly unlikely that he'd ever turn the public opinion back in his favor, but it's official now that there's no coming back from this. He has been labeled a loser and a liar, and an independent investigation has confirmed it. And I don't feel bad for him one bit. Because of this specific line from the statement:

"While Coach Jackson initially agreed to meet with the investigators, he ultimately did not do so"

This clown should never be given an opportunity to work in the NFL ever again. It is clear as day that he piggybacked his way into the Brian Flores story for his own personal gain, but then when pressed on the issue, he tucked his tail and backtracked. Wouldn't even meet with the investigators. How are they going to let him get away with not meeting to discuss the claims he made? A new low for someone who I thought couldn't go any lower. Then again, I probably wouldn't show up to my own funeral either.