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British Dude Who Lost His Penis And Had One Growing Out Of His Arm, Got His New 'Dream Designer Penis' 2 Inches Bigger Than Before

So we have blogged about this guy before. Jerry wrote this two years ago: 

Great gif use. Even better now that he has his very own designer, dream penis and made it two inches bigger. (h/t Post) 

It turns out that MacDonald’s artificial penis is even better than his real one.

The dad designed his dream penis with the help of surgeons and added an extra two inches to the manmade model — making it six inches in total.

“They were happy to listen to what I wanted it to be like, which was amazing. Not many can say they have a designer penis,” he previously said.

I believe this is the first NBA2k create a player dick that's been around but I want to give a lot of credit to Malcolm MacDonald here. He could have went with a ridiculous size. We could have heard 8, 9 inches even. Nope. He kept it realistic and just added two inches. Sounds like a lot, but I love where his mind went. 

Even better is his arm penis is gone. Frankly I need to know way more about this. Did it work like an actual dick? If he got all excited did it pop up? You can't really hide that, doesn't matter what shirt you are wearing. You can't do an uptuck in a shirt. On the flip side when we get cold we get goosebumps at times. Did he go opposite since there was a dick on the arm? You gotta think this is one of the worst spots for a penis to be. 

All that said this is one of every guy's biggest fear. Your dick just falling off. 

The mechanic — who resides in Norfolk, England — was left mortified back in 2010 when his penis “just dropped off onto the floor” after he suffered an infection in his perineum.

Nope, no thank you. I prefer that my penis stays right where it is please. Mortified might not even be a strong enough word here. An infection that causes your penis to fall right on off onto the floor is the end of times worthy. That thing isn't supposed to fall off. It's attached to your body. It dangles, sure. But falling off? Come on. 

Congrats to Malcolm MacDonald though. He finally has a designer penis and can have sex again with it. That's a win. Even a bigger congrats on the extra two inches.