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Pete Davidson Apparently Got Kanye and Kim's Children's Names Tattooed On His Neck




Kim Kardashian clearly has a type: CRAZY. Not even saying that in a chirping way or joking way, she is attracted to the mentally ill. Going from Kanye to Pete Davidson is just knocking on the next door at the insane asylum and expecting things to be different. If Pete really did get the first initial of Kanye and Kim's kids tattooed on his neck, he is more batshit insane than we thought he was. It makes no sense except if he's deliberately trying to get murdered by Kanye. And I wouldn't put it past him. Pete is clearly addicted to fame and controversy and being the guy who got Kanye to commit murder is par for the course. It's not even a bit- I think there is a 9% chance at some point Kanye either murders Pete or hires a hitman. 

I don't know if it's possible to "feel bad" for Kanye but man Pete is such a cocksucker, huh? Like, putting another dude's kids on you as a troll? So weird. I get the "joke" or whatever you want to call it, but someone's kids? Bizarre behavior. 

And round and round we go with these wackos. Who do I side with? Well…Kanye made College Dropout and MBDTF, so team Kanye forever.