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The Cincinnati Reds Are So Bad A Fan Publicly Laid Out A Plan To Poop In The Bed Of A Truck That Sits In The Stadium During Friday's Game

This is it. This is how I develop a soft spot for the Cincinnati Reds and their fans. The have a lunatic who is determined to save the franchise by shitting in the Toyota Tundra that's in the stadium. More specifically he lays out his exact plan to do so. If he achieves it I think the Castellini family has to sell the team. I believe that's in the rulebook. Now to clarify, this is the area he's talking about: 

Joe Robbins. Getty Images.

Everyone knows you devise a great plan under smokestacks. So step 1 is going to be unlocked here. Now the truck typically sets up on a platform area to left field of that sign. So you got some work to do in order to get up there and frankly I don't even know if the truck is still there. There was a time when they took it down for a little. All I know is that truck better be there Friday. I mean the fans deserve to see something entertaining because this is what's on the field: 

I know people will say he shouldn't have laid out his plan but I disagree. Phil Castellini started the season on Opening Day by asking fans what they'd even do because they don't have another team to cheer for. This fella is answering just that. 

Pirates-Reds. Friday night. Must watch TV? I think it might be the only time it's must watch TV. Might even have to go get a ticket to the game just to see. Just don't go near the smoke stacks otherwise you're officially in on the plan. Can't wait to see the security detail as the 4th inning starts here. Poop bandit on high alert. 

A little bit of advice for this guy: go with 4 coneys and fries from Skyline with habanero cheese. That'll open ya right up.