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Tampering! A Norwegian Model Is On Instagram Trying To Save Manchester United And Convince Erling Haaland To Join The Club

I'm demanding an investigation into Manchester United if Erling Haaland ends up playing for them. This is clear tampering. You can't have a model from his home country start posting and tagging him in stuff like this. Now, I also understand that Man U needs as much help as possible. Team stinks. Fired their manager, not gonna finish top-4, all in all a pretty big failure of a year. 

The Haaland sweepstakes is something to watch too. You have Man City thinking they can land him which is just unfair. They are already too good. They shouldn't be allowed to get Haaland too. But this is clear tampering. Listen, I'm not afraid to do something like this in order to keep Harry Kane with Tottenham. I'll do the same to get Pulisic out of Chelsea. Don't you tempt me. There are basically no rules in soccer. At least not when it comes to rumors so why not go all out. 

That said, if Haaland goes to Man U I hope they fail yet again. Go recruit someone else Ann Mari