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The Reds Could Be The Worst Team In The History Of Professional Organized Sports

Rough start of the season for the Cincinnati Reds, eh? 3-19 and that ties them for the second worst 22 game start in the Modern Era. This is a team that won 83 games last year, they may not get to half of that in 2022. They're awful, people are mad, fans are wearing bags on their heads, Joey Votto got all his powers sucked out by the Monstars, it's a rough time for Reds fans. Every day they're doing something wrong or setting some awful record, and they still have 140 more games! We're barely even a month in and the Bengals have won more games in 2022 than the Reds have. They also gave us one of the most bizarre sequences in baseball history on Sunday....

What an awful 3 pitches there. That is just awful baseball. No one on this team is having fun, there essentially is no light at the end of the tunnel for these guys and they've got 3/4ths of a season left. We even have college football guys weighing in on the Reds!

They're already 11.5 games back of first, have by far the worst run differential in baseball at -65, they're 1-7 at home, 2-12 on the road, they've scored the least amount of runs in the NL, and have given up the most runs in baseball. We've played 22 games and they have already had an 11-game losing streak, just awful.

They're by far the worst team in baseball, it's not even close. Can't hit, can't pitch, can't do anything right. They have a legit chance to break the record for worst record in the Modern Era set by the Philadelphia A's at 36-117. They're on pace to win 22….22! The 2017 Indians won 22 in a row back in 2017, this team may land flat on that number after 162. It's amazing how bad they are. I've watched a ton of bad baseball, like a lot, but this Reds team takes the cake as the worst. I just can't get enough of these tweets and stats about them, the rate that they are losing at is mind bottling. They've won one game in their last 6 series. One game. 

It's gonna get much worse before it gets better folks, so buckle up Cincy fans. You've got a lot of baseball left before NFL seasons starts back up. At least the media and their reporters will harp on the Reds and say they're bad for baseball, oh wait, no that's just the Orioles. Regardless it'll be fascinating to watch what happens in Cincy the rest of the year. Trading off any veterans for prospects, just complete tanking mode, fall even more flat on their face? Only time will tell. And they probably won't finish 22-140, but right now it's looking like they will.