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Jon Rahm Wins The Mexico Open At Vidanta Wire-To-Wire For His 7th Career PGA Tour Victory

Dominant. Guy was a heavy favorite this week at +400 and he delivered in a big way. Went super low on Thursday and kept his foot on the gas all the way through. May have looked a little shaky on the back 9 Sunday, but Jon Rahm knows how to win golf tournaments and he managed his way around the course without his best stuff like the champ that he is.

It's kind of shocking this was his first win since the US Open 11 months ago. He's played such insanely good golf over the past year, but couldn't seem to push one across the finish line. He hasn't really been able to get the putter going, but his tee-to-green game is so pure that he still finds a way to compete and contend just about every time he tees it up. Well sure enough, he got it going on the greens a bit this week and finds himself in the winner's circle. He was lights out on Thursday and Friday with the flatstick, gaining over 4 strokes on the field on the greens. The outcome was a 64 and a 66 to give him control of the tournament going into the weekend. 

When a guy like Rahm is on top of the leaderboard, it's a mental burden on the rest of the field. Poor Cam Champ tried to go toe-to-toe with him and faltered today, mostly because of a triple bogey where he was over aggressive in trying to get up and down in an effort to not give more strokes back to Rahm. Hole totally got away from him. Everyone else was forced to play with a mentality of trying to track down Rahm. They couldn't. He's just too good.

Surprisingly, this W is not enough to get Rahm his #1 spot in the world rankings. Field was simply too weak and The Masters was worth a ton of ranking points for Scheffler, as it should be. But if I were a betting man, I'd guess Rahm is back on top of that list sooner rather than later. Guy is just a wagon. Congrats to him on his 7th PGA Tour win.