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Tennessee’s Ben Joyce Threw the Second-Fastest Pitch in Baseball History at 105.5 MPH

Want to know why No. 1 Tennessee is 40-4 and has yet to lose a series in 2022? Well if you get through the lineup with two surefire first rounders in it and can chase one of the three weekend starters with a combined 2.39 ERA, you get Ben Joyce coming out of the bullpen for four innings throwing 105 MPH.

This team is truly unfair.

If Tennessee’s gun was correct today, Joyce’s 105.5 MPH fastball was the second-fastest pitch ever recorded — Joyce has been clocked as hard as 104 in multiple other ballparks this season. This is a kid with a chemistry lecture tomorrow.

And on the off-chance you see enough 100+ MPH fastballs that you think you’ve got Joyce timed up, he drops one in at 82 with disgusting movement. Best of luck.

If you’re a baseball fan who doesn’t watch a ton of college or have a rooting interest in another school, I can’t recommend watching Tennessee baseball enough. It’s just a lot of kicking ass and having a great time.