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Report: Gronk Would Only Return To Play In Tampa

Gronk had himself a huge party this weekend in Vegas which was appropriately named "Gronk Beach" Some notable names like Travis Kelce, Julian Edeleman, Russell Westbrook, the Chain Smokers and more.

Some paparazzi also crashed the party and asked him about his potential return to the NFL.

"It's just the Bucs," Gronkowski said. "Love that organization, man. Love the guys there. It's family over there." via TMZ

So there you have it, straight from the source. He'd only return to the Buccaneers if he decides to come back. The Bucs did draft two Tight Ends, but that should have no bearing on Gronk's decision and certainly isn't foreshadowing anything. This Gronk Beach party has been planned for a long time and now that it's over, expect his focus to turn to football. We may find out officially in the next couple of weeks, but rest assured, it's the Buccaneers or nothing.