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The Bills Draft Punt God, Which Is A Match Made In Lake Effect Snow Heaven

I'm not gonna lie, watching the Giants pass on drafting Punt God like 10 different times over the last three days hurt my special teams loving soul. A LOT. But I have convinced myself that the Giants will never be forced to punt now that Brian Daboll is head coach and ready to unlock the full potential of Daniel Jones along with the combo of Saquon, Golladay, Kadarius, and Wan'Dale, who can be as electric on the field as players as their names are to write down.

Besides, there is something beautiful about the Western New York wildlings that call themselves #BillsMafia bringing in a deity named Punt God to boom the fuck out of the ball the 2 times a game that they actually punt considering the Bills choose the Punt play about as much as a 12 year old that plays Madden.

There will be non believers that will point out Punt God was the THIRD punter drafted. However, Michael Jordan was the third basketball player taken in the 1984 NBA Draft and things turned out pretty well for him. I also have heard the haters say that his punts may not carry over to the next level due to their angle and the Buffalo winters will be a smidge different than the daily weather of San Diego that is comfortably warm like a whale's vagina (or so I've been told). But I'll take my chances with a guy with this type of talent that can boom sauce kicks as well as humans.