Matt Corral Landed a Helluva Opportunity in Carolina Despite Draft Fall

The Carolina Panthers ended Ole Miss QB Matt Corral’s free fall in the NFL Draft by selecting him with the 94th pick in the 3rd Round Friday night.

On the surface, I am sure Matt is a little disappointed after leading Ole Miss to a 10-2 record in 2021 and leading the NCAA in total offense in 2020. Hell I am too as a Saints fan having him in the NFC South.

But after doing some digging, there is A LOT to be excited about for Corral. Carolina has quite possibly the fastest path to getting on the field at QB in the entire NFL with only the erratic and turnover prone Sam Darnold in front of Corral on the depth chart.

The Panthers have solid talent at the skill positions headlined by RB Christian McCaffrey and WR DJ Moore. WRs Robby Anderson & Terrace Marshall are no slouches too. And they drafted a stud left tackle (Ekwanu) 6th overall in this draft.

I told some of the story from the night of Ole Miss Pro Day in that video and am going to elaborate. Panthers HC Matt Rhule & the staff came into the upstairs bar at City Grocery on The Square in Oxford to have some cocktails. Rhule asked my buddy Coonie (bar manager) what he thought of Corral.

Coonie actually gave a well thought our response that piqued Rhule’s interest when he brought up Corral standing up for his team mates in the fight in Starkville his freshman year.

Rhule asked for more and Coonie backed Corral up for playing in the Sugar Bowl for his team  after so many outgoing plays were opting out.

When pressed for more info, Connie told Rhule “I am saying nothing else because I am a Saints fan.”

Rhule could not believe it and told him they would send him some official Panthers gear and he did.

Coonie told Rhule he would be giving away the gear but kudos to Rhule for following through. Now Coonie gets to be mad at himself the next few years if Corral beats the Saints.

Isn’t it ironic?