Behold, The Most Incredible Soccer Hair Of Our Time

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Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about this but, whew, if you thought Scottish brogues were tough to understand in person you should give them a whirl on Twitter. 

First off, the most common responses I saw were literally hundreds saying he's got a 'Barnet', which thankfully Urban Dictionary was able to translate for me. Sort of. 

A lot of people were also saying he's got himself a 'bonnet' and/or a 'bunnet', which I'm assuming is another version of barnet. Other common replies were about flat caps, Peaky Blinders & pastries, then on to more complex descriptions like a 'dropped microwaved Ginsters'. Whatever that is, I believe Brizo75 is probably correct. 

Here's some simpler ones because after all, we're all just hair to see what everyone else is saying:

As someone tired of seeing every other guy sporting a mullet over here in the US of A now, I welcome this new wacky hairdo overlord & hope this begins a fresh new fad stateside. Chop the party off in the back and grow that part up on your bangs now, guys. Just curl it up over your eyebrows. 

Speaking of Cameron, I checked out his Twitter and he seems like an awesome coach & great guy. Hope he enjoys his team's big win, takes the attention all in stride & most importantly, keeps his Barnets wit tae hairdresser daen Tam & his cream buns heed in tae bread wrapper udderwise they'll penalty tae Rangers fur it. (Congrats to Cameron & the Rangers.)