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Ed Marinaro aka Coach Marty Daniels From 'Blue Mountain State' Became The Gold Standard For How To Announce A Pick At The NFL Draft

I gotta admit, I did NOT expect to hear a Blue Mountain State reference during the NFL Draft. I don't even know if that show is still streaming anywhere. Always good for some background noise while working from home then. Sure, I'm 35 and that show might be 'beneath me' humor wise but it never will be. I am who I am. 

He even got in a joke about the Packers during his rant. Listen, you give a guy like Ed Marinaro the mic, you're going to get a story. The man was drafted by the Vikings 50 years ago, became an actor and the rest is history. You think he cares about someone coming out to tell him to read the damn card? Nope. He's going to do his thing. This is his time to shine baby. Plus it's round 2, do people *really* care. The picks are on Twitter about 20 minutes before the TV anyways. 

I wonder how long he would have went for. If someone didn't come out there to threaten to cut his mic would he still be talking? Good chance. Should have seen just how far he'd go because let's be honest the biggest shock was him not swearing during this. I mean it's still Coach Marty Daniels.