Joe Schoen Has Officially Reached God Status After Trading Back Twice And Drafting Wan'Dale Robinson - The Most Electrifying Player In The Draft

Holy shit. Here I am minding my own business after putting my son down to sleep only to have my Friday completely flipped. Joe Schoen is a borderline God to me now. The man traded back (twice), picked up more draft capital and then picked one of my all-time favorite college players. I'm not lying. Wan'Dale was that important, that fucking good in one year at Kentucky. He can do everything. He's what the experts call a 'playmaker.' Want to get him the ball on a simple screen? Fine. He can house it. Want to get him to run across the middle? He has no fear? Outrun everyone and catch a bomb? Go for it. Dude is the most electrifying player in the Draft and I say that with 0 bias as a Kentucky grad who has generations of my family living and breathing Giants football. 

Goddamn does this feel good. Everyone knows you win a Super Bowl as a Giant with a Kentucky player on the roster.

MCT. Getty Images.

As for Schoen? Look at this: 


To get this guy?