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Malcolm Subban Just Crushed The National Anthem And Both Teams Friggin' Loved It

It's the last night of NHL regular season games and we still don't know who is playing in six of the eight first round series. But we may have gotten the highlight of the night before the games even started. Injured Buffalo Sabres goalie Malcom Subban sang the National Anthem prior to the Blackhawks/Sabres game and did a hell of a job.

It takes a ton of balls to get up in front of a crowd and belt out a tune, especially when it's a national anthem, so kudos to Malcolm for putting himself out there. But the best part of the video is his current and former teammates reacting to his performance then pounding the boards with their sticks afterwards as if they just witnessed an epic tilt. Good shit. And great job, Malcolm.

Alright, now bring the on the playoffs.