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BYU Has Become the Latest School to Drop an Absolutely Ridiculous Graphic

When you can create an absurd graphic with insanely specific criteria in an effort to make your school look like it's part of something it really isn't, you have to do it. We all know this.

Let us all take a moment to celebrate BYU being one of five west coast Big 12 or Pac-12 schools with two or more top five draft picks since 2012. That's what everyone is talking about today, really.

I don't know why teams keep doing this. BYU did not have a player drafted last night, which is fine. Most schools didn't. But trying to interject yourself into the conversation by making a graphic about a player who was drafted nine years ago who had one good professional season and another who may or may not be worth a damn is really weird. This graphic would have even been defensible a year ago, when Zach Wilson was drafted. Posting it today, however, is pathetic and weird.

I don't think it's quite on the level of the Penn State Super Bowl post, but it's close.