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It Didn't Take Long For Me To Truly Hate Jon Scheyer And Realize My Hate For Duke Will Only Grow Without Coach K There

What the fuck man? Here I am trying to enjoy a Friday with some Keeneland and watching Evan Neal/Kayvon Thibodeaux highlights and this is what I get hit with? This fucker Jon Scheyer coming into my world and making me lose Jai Lucas for the 2nd time in my life? That's right, Jai Lucas was supposed to be part of a package deal with Patrick Patterson back in high school. Lucas went to Florida instead before transferring to Texas. Now he leaves as an assistant coach for Duke? Fuck that.

The only positive here is it gives me a chance to truly keep hating Duke. I wasn't sure what to expect without K there. I mean sure their fans are obnoxious and I'd always hate those idiots who scream about The Brotherhood despite not being able to point out Durham on a map. I love hating things in sports. It's how it's supposed to be - you love your teams and hate others who disrupt your teams. 

This is just worst case scenario for Calipari right now. The loud fans are screaming about anything and everything that goes the smallest bit the wrong way. Losing one of the top young assistants in the country, who is regarded as one of the best recruiters in the country, is not great. Not after losing to St. Peter's. Not when fans want perfection. 

At least Cason Wallace seems to be fine: 

Now it's on Calipari. He needs to do one of two things here. Hire Milt Wagner that guarantees DJ Wagner commits to UK over Louisville or hire a true offensive coordinator and let him do his thing. Adapt the offense to even more modern. 4-out, 1-in surrounding Oscar with as many shooters as possible. Not jamming the lane with Wheeler who can't really shoot and a 4 that refuses to shoot. Something has to change there. 

Friday ruined.