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Todd Boehly - Who Owns Part Of The Dodgers - Will Reportedly Lead A Group To Buy Chelsea For More Than $4 Billion Because Being Rich Is Awesome

[Source] - Todd Boehly has won the race to buy Chelsea in a deal worth more than £3.5billion, despite a dramatic late hijack attempt from Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Although there has not yet been official confirmation from the Boehly group, Chelsea or Raine, the bank in charge of the sale, sources have told Telegraph Sport that the American will be confirmed as the club’s preferred buyer.

And sources confidently informed Telegraph Sport that Chelsea’s intention is to advance Boehly and his group for UK Government approval ahead of a licence for the sale of the club to be issued.

All I can think about is how awesome being rich must be. Look at Todd Boehly here. He survive a late 'hijack attempt' which sounds way cooler than it probably is. Then again buying a team is awesome. Not to mention Boehly has a pretty nice portfolio in the sports world. He has a stake with the Dodgers, Lakers and now reportedly Chelsea. Some may say he's a front runner and just wants to be popular, but if you can buy some sort of team then you have to. It's what I'd do if I were rich. There's gotta be nothing cooler than owning a team. It's a great ice breaker when people ask what you do. Oh remember that bum Peter Angelos? Yeah I bought him out, saved the Orioles franchise and run the team now. 

Now back to Chelsea. This has been a whirlwind of a situation. It all started with Russia's attack on Ukraine. Roman Abramovich was hit with sanctions and had to sell Chelsea. Then you had everyone from Tom Ricketts to Dan Gilbert interested in purchasing the team. 

Now it'll apparently be Todd Boehly and his group buying the team. As a Spurs fan I hope they stink. As a USMNT fan I hope Christian Pulisic gets treated correctly. A real split in my mind as what I'm hoping for here. Either way this could be some massive news in the EPL world.