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The Final Weekend Of The College Lacrosse Regular Season Is Here, And Your Guess Is As Good As Anyone's For Who Gets Into The Conference Tournaments

Okay so technically speaking there's still one weekend left in the regular season. But that's just because the ACC decided to add an extra game to the schedule instead of having a conference tournament. So for all intents and purposes, this weekend is the conclusion of the 2022 regular season. And there are still a shit ton of spots left to fill in these conference tournaments.

Most notably in the Ivy League where there's not a single team who has clinched a spot in their tournament yet. Besides Dartmouth, there are scenarios for each team where they end up in the tournament and there are scenarios for each team where they get left on the outside looking in. 6 teams fighting for 4 spots this weekend and there are about a billion different ways it could end up. To be totally honest, I still don't understand how most of the scenarios and tiebreaker situations work. All I know is that if you win, you're in. But luckily we brought on Chris Jastrzembski (NHL on TNT stat guru and college lacrosse top 20 media vote haver) to break down all the scenarios for us, since he knows way more about them than we do. 

Plus we have our full slate of weekend picks and previews this episode. It's a killer lineup this weekend with a ton of great games tonight, including some big Patriot League matchups. A ton of great games tomorrow, including the top 4 teams in the Ivy all playing against each other. And a couple of great ACC games to wrap up the weekend on Sunday. So sit back, relax, throw on the latest episode of the podcast, and get yourself ready for another bad ass weekend full of college lacrosse.