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Death, Taxes, and the Packers Refusing To Take a Wide Receiver In The First Round of the NFL Draft

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

They've done it again folks, they've done it again. Defying all logic the Packers have once again refused to draft an impact wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft. Entering today with their WR depth chart consisting of Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, Amari Rodgers, and Malik'd think that position would be of the highest need on their board. 

The WR run came in the middle of the first with Jameson Williams, Drake London, Garrett Wilson, Jahan Dotson Chris Olave, and Treylon Burks going off the board. The Packers chose to sit on their hands and do nothing while every WR they had graded as a round 1 pick went elsewhere. 

When their turn came they chose to take…a linebacker?

When their name came up against six selections later, they went DT.

I just don't understand, man. Why? Why choose to once again completely neglect the wide receiver position after trading away Davante Adams and losing MVS to the Chiefs in free agency? How can you possibly look at your WR room and not address it with either pick in the first round? 

I wanted Georgia wideout George Pickens at either 22 or 28 given what was left, but clearly they felt that was a reach. If that's the case then why not trade up and take one of the six guys you coveted? They thought it was totally fine to trade up for Jordan Love a few years ago when they definitely didn't need to do it, so why not help out Rodgers one fucking time? As great as Rodgers is, how is he supposed to work with that? I'm more upset not being aggressive and trading up for a guy than passing when the pick came to them. 

I have no problem drafting two Georgia defensive players, but that's if you have wide receiver squared away. Their WR room is bottom tier in the league as it stands. Pickens greatly helps that situation and they chose to pass for defense. Sure it's great to strengthen your defense, specifically stopping the run, but come the fuck on man. 

The same people in love with this first round are the very same who were in on the Jordan Love pick. Their venn diagrams completely overlap. The defense should be a monster, but offense is gonna be a struggle if this is how it looks. Fuck.