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Ravens Take Kyle Hamilton With The 14th Pick And Then Immediately Trade Hollywood Brown To The Cardinals For The 23rd Pick


Holy shit man. What a wild sequence of events.... First we were dialed in on Jordan Davis (or Jermaine Johnson, so I thought) when the Eagles leapfrogged us and took who I had thought was our guy. But the fact that EDC turned in the pick IMMEDIATELY after the Eagles pick has me thinking Hamilton was a "if he's there, don't even think twice" type of guy. After signing Marcus Williams, this secondary is looking like an absolute wagon, yet again. Perfect complements to each other. Williams can play centerfield and Hamilton can be a menace underneath at 6'4. Guy's a Raven, through and through.

THEN.... I hadn't even had time to start to digest the pick when news comes out that Hollywood is OUT for the 23rd pick and 100th pick. They've gotta have somebody they love to make that move. But it's bizarre to have made it that far out from the pick itself. Almost makes you think they're trying to put together a package for something else? Maybe..... Deebo?!? That'd be somethin.

 I literally just interviewed Marlon Humphrey for Exit 52 Podcast, and he's all about Deebo or George Pickens from Georgia. Crazy stuff. EDC always has something up his sleeve. Stay tuned.