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AJ Brown Is A Philadelphia Eagle As Howie Roseman Reminds The World He's The Best Trader In The Game

Dylan Buell. Getty Images.

Howie. Howie! HOWIE! You dog!

Two 1st round picks tonight and what does that slick son of a bitch go out there and do? Well he gets the next Fletcher Cox with the first pick, and then turns around and gets AJ fricking Brown with the other. Everybody upset that the Eagles missed out Jameson Williams. Needed to add another weapon at the receiver position to go along with DeVonta Smith. 

You think Howie doesn't know that? You think Howie didn't already have this shit mapped out? 

This is an offense that can go now. Two top end options at the receiver position. One of the best young tight ends in the game. A solid running game. And a quarterback who will work his ass off day in and day out to get better. Am I sold on Jalen Hurts as a franchise quarterback at this point? No, not at all. But you surround him with enough weapons that all he has to be is decent in order for this team to fuck some people up? Daddy likey. Plus you get AJ Brown locked up to a very sensible 4-year, $100M deal to keep building around. 

Go Birds. Go Howie. Never a doubt.