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The Seattle Seahawks Reserved A Seat For John Clayton In Their Draft War Room Tonight

You know what? The Jets have to give the number 10 pick back to the Seahawks after they did this. I know that's completely unfair but so was the Jamal Adams trade looking back and Seattle deserves something for such a nice gesture for someone so beloved in NFL circles. I'm sure Jets fans would complain if this happened but if history is any indicator, they will also be complaining when the 10th pick is made.

Sorry Jets fans, but I had to figure out a way to blog that video today since I forgot to do a wake up for it. You guys can keep your pick but I wish the Seahawks all the best tonight due to this simple name plate as long as their picks don't interfere with the Giants picks. RIP to an absolute legend.

Time to hop on and watch the Barstool Enn Ef El draft show, which is honestly one of the best things we do here.