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Plot Twist! Cyclist Crashes At The Finish Line As He Was Celebrating Thinking He Won The Stage .... He Wasn't Even Close To First Place

Hey dummy, maybe make sure you're in first place before you start celebrating. Pretty basic rule in any sort of competition. I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be some expert in cycling but I am an expert in celebrating. Nobody knows what it's like to have the highs and lows like I have watching my teams. You gotta make sure you're in the lead and 100% sure of it before you raise your arms because this is what happens. You crash. You look like an idiot. You become a popular trend on Twitter with everyone laughing at your mistake. 

Best part? He wasn't even CLOSE to first (h/t Sun) 

He later discovered the winner of the race was in fact New Zealander Aaron Gate, who had broken clear from the pack well before.

Speaking after his bad day at the office, Prades said: "Both Trek [rival team] and we have been attacking for much of the climb.

"We caught them but the truth is that we didn't have much information and the way the race was going I thought there was no one left in front, that's why in the end I raised my arms."

Dude has gotta remember the scouting report better. You need to know everyone who is in the race. Can't only think about rivals. Can't only think about the people next to you. It's a race, there are people all over the damn course. 

It's also just a good rule to live by, something you learn as a child - keep your hands on the damn bike. Sure you may look cool trying to impress Becca in the neighborhood when you're going down the hill no hands. But it rarely works out. Someone else has a cooler bike. Someone else can go longer without any hands. In this case you're a pro who crashes and beats up his body by doing it. I'm celebrating off the bike only. Feet and hands on the ground is a good way to start any celebration.